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Camp Wildfire

Upcoming: Camp Wildfire

Camp Wildfire, a different kind of Festival

When you think of a typical summer festival here in the UK, you imagine a standard affair – music from 12-12, lots of stages, people fancy dress, and lots of alcohol. The main focus is on the music, with little else to get involved in.

Camp Wildfire is a different kind of festival to the UK market, and I am completely OK with that! It’s an alternative, adults only affair with a 50/50 split – half music, and half activity. It’s a very unique concept, but one that has proven to work over the past few years the festival has successfully ran. It’s back for 2019, and we’re attending! Here’s what we are looking forward to over the weekend!


Join a Patrol

Punters to the festival are split into four different “Patrols” – The Badgers, Hawks, Squirrels and Foxes, during the arrivals process. You stick with your team throughout the weekend, and take part in activities to earn points. At the end of the weekend, the Patrol with the most points, wins! How brilliant!

There are a set of Patrol Games across the weekend, giving plenty of chances to get to the top of the leaderboard. From what we’ve seen, it really does look like an awful lot of fun taking part in some of the most wacky games and events, but that is totally fine by me!



There are plenty of activites to keep entertained with over the weekend. Beginning on the Saturday, these include some high-energy experiences such as Quad Biking, Raft Building, and Flying Trapeze – finally, I’ll be able to join the circus, if only for an hour! If you fancy something a little less extreme, or want a little down-time, then the mellow Bread Baking, Apothecary or Yoga will fit the bill perfectly. I’m really stoked for the outdoor survival activities as I’ve never had the chance to learn to light a fire, despite camping being one of my favourite activities ever!

I’m a MASSIVE fan of board games too, so I’ll definitely be getting involved in the Board Games activity. Cluedo in the forest? Yes please!


As promised, it’s a 50-50 split between Music and Activities, and the artist line up is somewhat eclectic but fun! Craig Charles takes to the DJ booth, for what is sure to be a memorable set. The likes of DJ Yoda, Little Gay Brother and Stables are on our “must see” list for the weekend. As the entire festival is on a much smaller scale than the standard UK summer offerings, it ensures a much more intimate musical experience, bringing you closer to the artist, and part of the performance. How fantastic?!


Food & Drink

A HUGE part of any festival experience is the range of brilliant food on offer. I enjoy nothing more than browsing the available options, and finding the gems amongst the standard eateries. I’ve found the most amazing Paella, Curry, and even Apple Crumble using this technique at previous festivals, and it really makes for a full and happy stomach!

Camp Wildfire has a selection of fantastic food options that we cannot WAIT to get stuck in to!

They’re also leading the way in being an Eco-Friendly festival, by enforcing their No Plastic Cup rule! All drinks served at the bars are served into a cup that you carry around with you and provide – meaning there is zero waste! It’s a fantastic step in the right direction that other festivals need to look at and recognise. Camp Wildfire, you’ve got this!


I’m thoroughly excited to see what the festival has to offer. We’ll be taking a dive into the Schedule in a couple of weeks, so keep your eyes peeled for that one!

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