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THOR’S Tipi Bar, Nottingham (2019)

THOR’S arrives in Nottingham this festive season.

Located in Trinity Square in Nottingham City Centre, a mere short walk from the bright lights of Old Market Square, THOR’S Tipi Bar is here for the festive period. We indulged in an evening of food and drinks, and had an absolutely fantastic time.

The Tipi takes up residence in the open area of Trinity Square, nestled between the restaurants and becomes quite the focal point to the area. With the usual striking theme of a tall canvas Tipi and wooden poles, the exterior of this particular venue is completely transparent, allowing passers-by and visitors to see the action inside, and those inside to see the world go by. This makes for a fantastic talking point, whichever side of the canvas you happen to be. After visiting the Lincoln and London (Hyde Park Winter Wonderland), this made for a welcome change as usually you’re completely enclosed within the canvas. Whilst both of these themes work brilliantly, the Nottingham set up with see through panels offered a really rather unique experience that I simply loved.

As you enter through a set of double doors, you’re instantly enveloped in a welcoming warmth that flows from the open fire pit directly ahead. The flames crackle and pop over the wooden logs, creating a really enticing view. We settled down to the right hand side of the venue, on a set of benches around a little wooden barrel, complete with a little candlelit lamp. There was plenty of seating situated around the perimeter of the Tipi, and lots of open floor space for those busier periods.

The bar sits directly behind the fire pit, and is the full width of the Tipi, giving lots of space to place that all important drinks order. I particularly liked just how rustic the bar set up in Nottingham is, as well as how large it was. There’s plenty of room to stand and have a drink, and watch the staff create some of the more impressive looking drinks. The menu is the same as in other Tipi’s, with a varied range of beverages to suit all tastes, at a very reasonable pricepoint. You can check out the full menu here.

We started off the evening with a selection of Hot Chocolates – specifically the non-alcoholic version, as well as the Candy Cane Cocoa. These were presented perfectly, and were incredibly tasty and rich – definitely no need for anything extra in these. Moving on to the Passionfruit Martini, this was made to absolute perfection, and was a really nicely presented drink, perfect for that photo opportunity. I decided to try my previous favourite at Lincoln, the Frosty Giant, a deep blue cocktail consisting of Rum, Blue Curacao, Pineapple and Coconut – but more impressive than a standard Piña Colada, of course. The flavours were on point, and I enjoyed one of the most refreshing drinks on the menu. I was happy that the recipe remained the same from the other Tipi locations, as sometimes bars make each drink slightly different – not at THOR’S – they’re all made the same. I rounded off the evening with a wildcard – the Caramel Cola. As this wasn’t something I’d typically drink, I wanted to check it out as something out of my ordinary, and I am glad I did. It was DIVINE. Whilst consisting of two simple ingredients – Cola and Salted Caramel Vodka, the end result was that of simplicity and class, and a truly wonderful beverage. This became my second favourite drink of the night (after the Frosty Jack) and one I’ll be sipping on my return visits.

In addition to the drinks on offer, there is also a food vendor located just outside the Tipi. I’ve been informed this works on a rotation basis, with Poutine being the food of choice during my visit. With a food offering of Sausage, Chips, Cheese / Poutine and sauces, this was right up my street. We opted for a couple of different options in order to get a rounded review – Vladimir Poutine and The Berliner. After only a short wait, the member of staff delivered the food directly to our seats within the Tipi, and we tucked in to the delights.

My favourite was The Berliner – Chips, Curds, Gravy, German Sausage and Curry Sauce. Everything was piled on top of some tasty, well-cooked chips, with the most amazing chewy, melt-in-the-mouth Curds and the most intensely flavoured sauce. Finished with a german sausage, this made for a really tasty meal that managed to fit in with the surroundings of the Tipi. Vladimir Poutine was a similar experience with the addition of Stir Fry veg, but ended with a similar, mouth watering ending of absolute bliss. With the addition of table service, I’d definitely eat again as the food was cooked to perfection, and delivered right to our laps.

There is a small selection of games to play, free of charge, to the right hand side of the bar. We played a few rounds of Jenga when we first arrived, and had quite the laugh doing so. This is a lovely addition that I would have never thought of, but one that is much appreciated. Fellow visitors also got stuck in to games of Cards too, and I really feel like this very simple addition worked brilliantly.

We managed to sit around the fire pit towards the end of the evening, and it was a really rather intimate affair. As the focal point of the venue, there’s something rather magical about being that close to an open flame. With the staff topping up the logs as they burn off, and the crackle of the flames mere feet away from you, it makes for a wonderful place to sit and catch up with friends, family, and fellow visitors alike. We got talking with some lovely people that came for a drink with their daughter and dog, and we all agreed that we were in a really unique and enjoyable place. Sharing these moments with people that we did not know was a really nice experience, and something that has to be done to be fully understood.

THOR’S Tipi Nottingham is my favourite location to get stuck in to the festivities this Christmas within the city. It’s incredibly close to the Old Market Square event, giving a wonderful extra option should the bright lights and loud music get a little much. With a wonderful menu, both drinks and food, this is a lovely venue to check out whilst in the city. It’s here until the 31st December, so there’s plenty of time for a visit before the New Year. The staff were wonderful, the menu full and reasonably priced, and with food available this really is a great place to visit.

THOR’S is open 11am to 11pm (Sun to Thurs) & 11am to 12am (Fri and Sat) until the 31st November 2019. For more info, check out the official WebsiteFacebookTripAdvisor and Instagram.

We got some brilliant footage from the evening that we will be sharing very soon. We’ll update this post once it’s ready!

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