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THOR’S Tipi Bar, London Hyde Park Winter Wonderland (2019)

THOR’S Comes to Hyde Park Winter Wonderland!

In the ever expanding portfolio of Tipi’s in the THOR’S series, Hyde Park Winter Wonderland play host to possibly the busiest of all the venues. Sitting towards the back of the site, this is the perfect place to have a time out from the rest of the hustle and bustle of the festive fair and indulge in some of the most tasty, mouth watering beverages in a cosy Tipi (or 3).

With Hyde Park Winter Wonderland being so vast in size, we did get a little lost when on the search for THOR’S. However, as we turned a corner, in the distance we could see the distinct Tipis on the horizon – a much welcomed sight! As we got closer, the lights started to glisten, and we saw that there was a queue out of the door just to get inside! We duly joined it and were in within a few minutes. The bar operates a flow system – as people leave at one end, more can enter at the entrance. This allows there to be room inside to enjoy your drink and experience, without it feeling too busy.

This particular location in Hyde Park is constructed of three individual Tipi’s, linked together in a line. You enter the venue on the right hand side, with the very large bar directly ahead of you. As you turn left, there is the middle Tipi, with a range of seating and the first of two fire pits. The bottom and final Tipi has another fire pit, and a large amount of seating. We found that this lower Tipi was the quietest of the three, what with it being at the end of the venue, and this is where we sat for the evening, nestled around the roaring flames of the firepit, in what was an incredibly cosy night.

The drinks menu is the same as Lincoln and Nottingham, so we were already well versed with it at this point. However, we decided to take a look at the options we had not yet tried, and selected a range of very different drinks from all different categories on the menu. Starting with the much loved Hot Chocolate (non alcoholic), I was impressed with the presentation of this wintery classic. In a branded Hyde Park Winter Wonderland cup, and topped with marshmallows, it not only looked the part, but tasted it too. Our second drink was “Christmas Orange” from the Gin & Mixer section, consisting of Tanqueray Sevilla, Spices and Oakwood tonic with nutmeg, vanilla, cinnamon. What a delight this was! With a wonderful, citrus flavour, the cinnamon and spices tickled the tastebuds and gave a real kick. In a large bowl glass, this too was a fantastically photogenic drink, especially in front of the flames of the firepit. This quickly became one of our favourite beverages of the evening.

Made by a talented barman (whom apparently makes the BEST drink) was an Espresso Martini, and boy was it good. Strong, full of flavour and smooth, one of the best espresso martini’s I’ve had and I’ve had plenty of them! Following the Martini was a Winter Cherry from the Hot Cocktails section (new for 2019) and this was an incredible drink. Served in a delightful, rustic tin cup, the flavours of Hot mulled wine with vodka, cherries, white cranberry and sweet plum work fantastically together and create this most intense and flavourful drink. The fact it was hot, too, was an absolute bonus for me, and this was one of those drinks I will definitely be ordering on my next visit to the Tipi’s – it’s just that good! With barely a gap inbetween drinks, the Very Cherry Mule was the next on our list, and this was INCREDIBLE. Once again, not only were the tastes (Vodka, cherries, lime, ginger beer) strong, but the presentation was second to none. Decorated with berries and lime, this not only looked the part, but it tasted it too! In a real refreshing twist, this was my number one drink of the evening, closely rivaling Frosty Giant overall – speaking of which, this was the next drink we enjoyed. It didn’t last long, however, as it was made to absolute perfection and I wolfed it down just as soon as it arrived. Tasting exactly the same as the other Tipi’s, it has to be said that this was an incredible drink that didn’t last long! Rum, Blue Curacao, pineapple and coconut fuse together for absolute perfection, and I’d be happy to drink nothing else for an entire evening, it’s that good!

For a nice photo moment, a good old glass of bubbles followed, with plentiful flavour and charm. You can’t beat a nice simple drink sometimes, so this was much welcomed on our evening exploring the menu. We finished off the evening with a lovely and tasty fruity beer, but the name escapes me. I’ll include a photo below and attempt to get some clarification on the name, but it was a wonderfully fruity taste that was different to anything I’d had before. I’m not a beer drinker at all so I was pleasantly surprised with the taste, as it wasn’t something I’d ever typically opt for in a bar. It rounded off the evening in a nice way, after trying several different drinks from all over the menu. We were left feeling jolly with the taste of christmas in our mouths.

The music in this venue was brilliant – mixing classic pop songs with those festive classics, it was great to see strangers interacting with each other and enjoying the festivities. When Mariah Carey’s classic “All I Want for Christmas” dropped, the roar of the crowd was deafening! With everyone singing in (almost) perfect unison, the drinks flowing and the fire crackling, it’s difficult to picture a better way to spend an evening in December. The mood was that of excitement and joy, and it was difficult not to get involved!

Hyde Park Winter Wonderland offers a huge range of food and drink options within the event, but I’d definitely opt for THOR’S Tipi out of the other bars. There’s character within, and the most wonderful warmth that wraps around you as you enter the Tipi’s. The drinks are on point (with a pricepoint that’s great for Central London), and the atmosphere is wonderful. You feel connected to the strangers all around you as you get to share some of the best moments in these canvas walls, singing old classics and festive hits. It’s an incredible place that fits in perfectly with the over all event, as well as the rest of the THOR’S portfolio up and down the country.

THOR’S is open 10am to 10pm until the 5th January 2020. For more info, check out the official WebsiteFacebookTripAdvisor and Instagram.

We got some brilliant footage from the evening that we will be sharing very soon. We’ll update this post once it’s ready!

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