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THOR’S Tipi Bar, Lincoln (2019)

THOR’S Tipi Bar returns for the 2019 season, and it’s an absolute delight.

Taking up residence once again in the Cornhill area of Lincoln City Centre, THOR’S Tipi Bar makes a return for the 2019 Christmas season. Sitting close to the main Public Transport hubs of the Train Station & Bus Station, this is the focal point of Lincoln this December. I reviewed the 2018 event in a previous article here.

The exterior of the venue this year is still as captivating as ever, and looks incredible. Nestled inbetween the shops on either side, the two tipi’s stand tall in the open square. With a set of wooden doors leading into the bar, and new windows on either side, passers-by get a glimpse of the festivities within, tempting them inside for a drink or two. Adorned with fairy lights that glisten in the night, this really is a wonderful sight and a stunning venue.

As you enter, you’re immediately enveloped in a wonderful warmth, much welcomed from the current weather. With an open firepit to the right, and the bar to the left, there is ample seating around the bar, and plenty of room to stand whilst enjoying a beverage. There are also several perch tables in the form of wooden barrels, making for a perfect place to take residence for an hour or so.

The bar itself looks similar to last year; and I love the metal-meets-wood style they’ve opted for. The alcohol fills up the wall behind the staff and there’s plenty of choices on offer when it comes to the menu. I opted for a Candy Cane Cocoa which was delicious, as well as a Hot Apple Strudel Cider that most definitely warmed me up. I finished the evening with a Frosty Giant, the most delicious cocktail I’ve ever had, as well as a (flamning) Passionfruit Martini that tasted simply divine. The drinks menu has a plethora of options, including non-alcoholic beverages as well as Pimped up Cocoa, Cocktails (including new Hot ones!) and, as expected for this themed location, beer. There was even the option to have a pint from the luxury of a Viking Horn for a nominal fee / deposit, depending on if you wished to take it home. With reasonable prices, the menu is full of choices for everyone. The full menu can be viewed here.

This years food offering is a large German Sausage eatery, located just outside the doors to the Tipi. Offering three different sausages, ranging in tastes, this is the perfect accompaniment to a drink inside on a blustery winters day. We opted for one of each sausage to truly try out the selection and we were not disappointed. My personal favourite was the Krakauer, a smoky spicy sausage with cheese & Currywurst, as it offered a mix of several different flavours. The pricepoint is good, and the portion sizes were large enough to call a meal rather than a snack. A perfect partnership for the Tipi and it fits in perfectly with the theme.

New for 2019 is a Photobooth located at the bottom end of the Tipi, where you can jump in and take some wonderful photos of your visit to the bar. I was pleasantly surprised to see an option to have your photos emailed as well as physically printed, as when the email arrived it included a 15 second animated video of us in the booth, perfect for sharing online (#ItsGoingToBeLegendary). The photos were also themed with the THOR’S branding, making it a perfect memento to take home! 

THOR’S Tipi Bar is a perfect returning addition to Lincoln this festive period. With a wide range of drink options to suit everyone, and food to fill you up, entering the Tipi on a cold winters day and sitting by the fire is one of the best things to do in the city this year. ~With a wonderful and courteous team, the atmosphere is one of happiness and enjoyment and it really is a wonderful place to relax this December.

THOR’S is open 11am to 11pm (Sun to Thurs) & 11am to 12am (Fri and Sat) until the 31st November 2019. For more info, check out the official Website, Facebook, TripAdvisor and Instagram.

We got some brilliant footage from the evening that we will be sharing very soon. We’ll update this post once it’s ready!

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