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Alton Towers Tickets (Sunday 1st August 2021)


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Alton Towers Ticket (Sunday 1st August 2021)

The Tickets for Alton Towers are based on the amount of people attending (see table below). This is comprised of reduced price tickets that I (Thomas) have been afforded due to my Merlin Annual Pass membership.

I can get 3x£15 Tickets (Share The Fun), and 5x£27.50 (Friends and Family). The best, fairest and easiest way to work out a cost is to work down the table below, and split the combined cost of tickets from all brackets between the number attending, so everyone pays the same. The few pence extra will cover any associated transaction fees etc.

Number of People Ticket Bracket Actual Price Per Person
1 £15 £15
2 £15 £15
3 £15 £15
4 £27.50 £18.13
5 £27.50 £20
6 £27.50 £21.25
7 £27.50 £22.14
8 £27.50 £22.81
9 £38.00 £24.50
10 £38.00 £25.85
11 £38.00 £26.95



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