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Created and operated by Thomas Tee, 28, My Little Voyage has a solid history of successful marketing collaborations with global brands across the Leisure Industry. With foundations stemming back over a decade, the list of returning brand partners is growing year on year.

What We Do

Working with Brands, My Little Voyage creates exciting and engaging Digital content to interact with the end user. With a specific focus on the Leisure industry, Hotels, Theme Parks, Live Events, Concerts, Theatre, Festivals and more, we make use of our “Featured” status on multiple platforms to reach a wider audience than is usually accessible.

Thomas has been a member of TripAdvisor for many years and is proud to be in the top 1% of all members on the website. Reviews are often weighted (shown at the top) for various venues, depending on activation. With over 200+ reviews to date, and a growing and increasing readership of 165,000+ people across the top Three accounts (TripAdvisor, Website, Mailing List), he is always happy to continue to contribute to his portfolio with in depth and knowledgeable reviews, in order to assist prospective visitors plan their trips and visits.


With a focus on well written Articles, we create pieces that engage the end user, and give them a deep understanding of the Venue we are discussing. By visiting each and every location we review, we’re able to give an accurate account of our experience. Paired with imagery and videos, the articles are well received by the brand and the public.

Live, on-the-ground content is pushed to SnapChat instantly, whilst on site, and “Pinned” in a prominent position, and is viewed by people outside of the usual reach. This allows us to work with brands to get their product in the hands and eyes of a wider audience by demonstrating a real world Point of View video experience, as it happens.

Who We’ve Worked With

Over the years, we have worked with Global brands, including Merlin Entertainments (Hotels, Theme Parks, Visitor Attractions), Pride in London, Boomtown Fair, and many more. The Partners page lists the most recent.


Our Mailing List currently has 87,000 UK Subscribers, as of 1st March 2021.

Our Readership (Read: Unique Viewers) per month is 165,000+ across our top three accounts (TripAdvisor, this Website, Mailing List).

SnapChat “Features” (combined with Discover + SnapMap) reach an additional 60,000 – 500,000 people per activation, depending on scenario or campaign. For reference, an activation at British Summertime Hyde Park 2019 reached an additional 125,000 people, and Pride in London reached an extra 450,000 audience. This is cumulative over a 24 hour period, but split into two metrics depending on the specific content viewed.

Due to our earned TripAdvisor and SnapChat status, we are able to tailor our campaigns to reach a specific demographic, if required. This allows for a much more successful activation as we can focus on specific target markets. When using this method, a “Call to Action” can often be used to direct viewers to a specific digital location – Website, Social Media, Booking page etc.


The audience of My Little Voyage is varied, with 64% identifying as male, 32% as female and 4% as other. When working on campaigns, we can tailor, focus and push our content towards a specific demographic, including (but not limited to) Gender, Sex, Age, Location, Relationship, Family status and more. This is perfect when working with brands that have a very specific focus and target market and makes activations on digital platforms such as SnapChat and TA hugely successful.

Work With Us

My Little Voyage is happy to partner with various Brands that foster a positive message and ethos. With a penchant for all things green and eco friendly, we only work with companies that have an upstanding reputation in the treatment of the environment and their workforce.

We have a specific focus on the Leisure Industry within the UK, though partnerships further afield are open to discussion.

Rates for specific campaigns can be discussed via email (see below). We also work with brands on a no-fee basis on an invitation or #gifted basis, in return for a writeup and article, with the ability to push this to a certain demographic, if required.




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