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Lytham Festival 2019 – Kylie Minogue

Kylie comes to Lytham – 12th July 2019

Let’s step back in time….

Editors note: This article is focused mainly on the performance by Kylie Minogue on the night, similar to our second review for her Secret Magic FM Gig in London. For our full, in depth review on the Lytham Festival itself, there will be a second article over the next few days.

Kylie and Lytham Festival are both celebrating for different reasons, Lytham, now celebrating its tenth year as a music festival, opening back in 2010 with Lesley Garrett selling out the one night event, it has now grown to a 5 night music extravaganza, with approx. 75,000 fans filling out the space on the green every year.  Kylie, having released her greatest hits album, Step Back In Time: The Definitive Collection headlined the sold out Friday evening.

Support acts were Ana Matronic (DJ set) formerly of the legendary New York pop darlings, Scissor Sisters and Sophie Ellis-Bextor, breaking through in 2000 with the club smash, Groovejet (if this ain’t love) to then release her solo album in 2001.  Since then she has gone to release 7 albums.  Both acts got the crowd ready for a night of pure pop heaven and having been to a number of shows at the Lytham Festival, this was the busiest I have ever seen it – there was no space at all for any more people, I suspect Kylie’s legendary slot at Glastonbury may have soared the ticket sales for this event even more than expected.

With a set-list of 21 songs, over 5 sections, Kylie was determined that this was going to be a night to remember. As the band started up, five vertical columns, appeared on stage, looking like majestic skyscrapers, only to be turned one by one to reveal a dancer, with the final reveal being Kylie, beaming to the huge crowd in an amazing, figure hugging white jump suit and signature heels before asking the crowd, do you believe! Love at first sight started up, with the audience, a mixture of die-hard Kylie fans at the front of the stage and a mixture of all ages throughout the whole venue dancing along with her.

At the end of the first song she commented on how windy the stage was and joked with her backing singers that they may need to go back into the vertical columns to hide from the wind, at one point seemingly tottering on her heels in the gust that was blowing up around us all, however, a true showgirl never stops and Kylie was not about to!

Telling the audience she did not want us to wait, she moved straight into I Should Be So Lucky, On A Night Like This, Get Out Of My Way and then What Do I Have To Do, her classic 1991 hit from Rhythm Of Love, finishing this section as she left the stage after Never Too Late.

The next section started with ticking clocks, and someone carrying a large K on the screen at the back of the stage. People being to recognise Je Ne Sais Pas Pourquoi, which has not been performed since the Showgirl Tour, with Kylie coming out in a stunning black, semi see through dress and performing this song note perfect. The crowd joined in, with the I, I, I getting a loud singalong. Showing a mime artist how to perform the hand movements, it swiftly moved into the original mix of Hand On Your Heart and quickly into In Your Eyes, from the Fever album.   Finishing the section was a slowed down ballad version of The One which quickly upped the tempo into a full on dance mix with heavy bass before leaving the stage again.

Slinking back onto stage into a stunning red jump suit, the back stage split into three sections as Kylie grooved along to a Bowie mashup of Fashion meets Slow, a sexy, pounding club mix that I cannot wait to hear as a studio version! Slowing it down again, but keeping deep red lights and a sexy undertone, Kylie launches into the comeback classic Confide In Me before the crowd erupts at the start of Kids, one of her biggest live songs that always gets the crowd singing along en-masse. Finishing the set, she asked the crowd if they recognised the next song, with the anthemic strains of la la la, la la la la la. You could hear the wave of people joining in getting louder and louder; 20,000 people singing Can’t Get You Out Of My Head as the sun is going down and creating an orange glow is quite an experience, I can only imagine how it much have looked from the stage.

As wedding bells rang out and a marriage occurred on stage, don’t worry fans it wasn’t a real one and it wasn’t Kylie, the opening strains of Suddenly by Angry Anderson was heard and everyone just melted a little bit as it soon turned into the classic wedding first dance of Especially For You, it’s a wonder any of us still had a voice left after this song! Kylie encouraged the crowd to grab someone special and have that dance with them.

Kylie then asked the crowd “if this is a wedding, then surely it’s time for the party”, to a huge cheer from everyone there. The start of Shocked, a fan favourite, began and this started the party that led through right to the end of the show. Hurtling through Shocked Kylie then introduced Step Back In Time, then Better The Devil You Know, another pair of classics from Rhythm of Love, only to up the camp appeal of “toot toot, ahhhh beep beep” with the disco version of The Locomotion, the same version from the Golden Tour, asking everyone to dance along with them. This section ended with what Kylie has described as one of her favourite songs, All The Lovers, at the peak of the song telling the crowd that she loved all of us, to a burst of confetti, sadly, due to the wind, it was quickly blown away which Kylie did notice and appeared to have a little laugh at as it wasn’t quite meant to do that!

Leaving the stage to a blistering sound of chanting, cheering and clapping, she returned in a beautiful golden dress to sing Dancing, from the last studio album, Golden and finishing with the huge comeback song, Spinning Around, before one final confetti burst, thank you’s and a blast of fireworks.

Kylie at Lytham not only added to the already glistening, star-studded line up over the week, including Rod Stewart and Stereophonics, as well as previous years, but proved once again that she is a force to be reckoned with as a live performer, from small venues to huge outdoor stages, Kylie is truly a showgirl that wraps an audience around her fingers and won’t let go until we all surrender to her sweet music.

The Lytham Festival is set to return in 2020. Head over to the official website and sign up for more details as soon as they’re announced. A massive thank you to Sarah at Rhodes Media for inviting us to the event, it’s much appreciated!

Additional notes about the Festival:

  • This is an outdoor space with no coverage for inclement weather, so you need to be prepared and keep a keen eye on weather reports.
  • Depending on the event, you may be restricted as to what you can bring into the site – i.e. foldable chairs, picnics etc.
  • Most of the food and drink tents appeared to have both cash and card machines which is very handy however the queues can get long for the bigger nights that are sold out.
  • There is varying levels to the floorspace. This is a green and not a custom made external space, so the ground is not even and rises and lowers in places, so you may need to consider this if you have a mobility issue.
  • Once the sun has set the venue is quite dark as most people are watching a concert not moving around, so be prepared if you need to leave your party how you will find your way back in a crowded, darker space.
  • Car parking was available, however this was lengthy to get out of and some of the diversions were not clear, so do not expect to get out of the area quickly.
  • There are more buses now being operated from the event, which is a real plus as the last train us usually around 11pm.

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