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Jump Inc, Lincoln

Jump Inc is a much welcomed, new attraction in the city of Lincoln.

For a long time, Lincoln has suffered from having very little in the way of activities for locals. With a single cinema, and a bowling alley, there is little else to do, so for Jump Inc to come to the city, it really is a fantastic new attraction.

Navigating the website, you’ll see that there are a few other Jump Inc locations across the UK, or more specifically the Midlands – Rotherham, Sheffield & Leeds, each offering a slightly different focus in terms of the inside attractions. Despite this, they all retain the core of the business – jumping!

Booking is nice and easy, intuitive and works well on desktops and mobiles alike. There is a ten minute timer in place during the checkout process, to ensure that it’s impossible for people to double book slots if limited positions are available. For example, as each session can hold a maximum of 70 people, if there are only 8 positions left, and user 1 logs on the website to book 6 places, it will reserve those 6 places for a maximum of 10 minutes, leaving only 2 available. This works well as there is absolutely no way of overbooking, which works for everyone and ensures nobody ends up disappointed.

The Risk Acknowledgement form can be filled in after you’ve placed your booking, via the website. I recommend you do this at this point, as it saves time once you arrive at your booked session. It only takes a couple of minutes, and covers all the bases in terms of liability, safety etc. Make sure you read the form fully before you digitally sign and submit. It will then send you a E-copy to your email that you simply show when booking in.

On arrival at the venue, a few minutes drive from the city centre, there is quite a bit of parking, however I’d recommend you get here with a little bit of time ahead of your booked session, as in peak season / times (School Holidays, Weekends & Friday evenings) I can imagine there is a lot of demand for spaces. As it’s on a little bit of an industrial estate (Toolstation, Andrews Car Centre, Wedding Supplies etc), car parking space is a premium, especially as it’s free of charge. Getting here early is recommended.
The building itself is an old warehouse, with a very high roof. The main entrance doors open up into the entrance foyer, with a check-in desk. There are mounted tablets to fill out the risk acknowledgement form (mentioned above), that everyone has to complete (in advance or in person). Check in is quick and painless, and takes only a few seconds. Simply show your booking confirmation and purchase your socks (if you have not done so in advance), and you’re ready to start your adventure – after a short safety video.

You are required to purchase two pairs of Jump Inc socks, in order to access the trampolines and inflatables. Without these, you cannot proceed. They are priced at £2.50 for two pairs which is good value considering you can bring them back time and time again. One pair is specifically for the trampolines (and has rubber grips), and the other is for the inflatables only. Make sure you keep them afterwards and take them home so you can reuse them next time.

The safety video is concise and full of information which you must watch and agree to. However, it’s mostly common sense – no flips if you are not able to safely complete / land them. No foul play, pushing, shoving, etc etc. Once the video is over, a member of staff signs your wristband to show you’ve viewed the video, and now it’s time to explore!

The park itself is split into two distinct areas – Trampolines on the left, and the Inflatables on the right. As mentioned above, the correct socks are imperative on each side, so make sure you get this right before jumping in!

RE: the theme, as mentioned by other reviews, this industrial, exposed wood is the theme Jump Inc set out to achieve. It is in no way an “unfinished” venue, this is what they wanted to go for. I think it looks brilliant – in line with some skate parks around the country. It’s very much in keeping with the attraction. I’ve noticed the addition of posters since my first visit, so they’re adding things around the park on a rolling basis. Remember, it’s still very new.

The trampolines themselves are laid out in a raised, off-the-ground grid, entered via a small set of stairs. The entire area is carpeted, and full of trampolines. From squares to rectangles, and even curved ones, there is plenty of choice on where to go. There is even a set of two really long trampolines that lead into a wall-mounted trampoline for you to run and jump onto and rebound – an immense amount of fun! You’re able to jump fairly highly if you wanted to on all of these, and it’s down to your individual daringness what you do on them – so long as you’re safe and remember the key rule – only one person per trampoline.

Round the back of the main trampoline park is a couple of cook activities – an interactive game (2 separate ones) and 2 Basketball hoops and balls. The interactive game gives you 60 seconds to either chase the flashing light (by bouncing and hitting the lights on the wall) or by hitting as many as you can in the time limit. You can go head to head against a second person, which really is fun (but exhausting!).
The basketball hoops are fun for younger guests that aren’t quite tall enough for the interactive section, as there is a low and a high hoop, perfect for everyone to get involved!

Directly behind the basketball hoops, there is a set of stairs, leading to a platform, much like a diving board in a swimming pool. Underneath is a GIANT airbag that you run and jump off the platform onto. It’s a lot of fun, despite being scary at first, but once you’ve watched others doing it, and delved in yourself, you’ll find yourself doing it time and time again.

There are also some “Performance Trampolines” to the side of the airbag, which are specifically for people with silver wristbands. This means that younger children do not have access to this section, as these trampolines rebound a LOT more than the standard ones. They are an awful lot of fun, but you really do manage to pick up some height here, which can be nerve wrecking at first, but once you get the hang of it, it really is exhilarating! Brilliant fun!

As mentioned, the other side of the park is a GIANT inflatable section. It’s actually just one HUGE piece, full of slides, obstacle course, giant balls (like on Total Wipeout, minus the water), and even a large mountain to climb.

The obstacle course is a really fun way to beat a friend to the final, or set yourself a time to beat. It has a range of different obstacles to overcome – mounds to climb, rope swings, tunnels, balls etc, and is fun to traverse, if a little exhausting!
There are two large, very tall slides too, which are an immense amount of fun to slide down. If you are feeling brave, there is also a hole to jump out of onto an inflatable mat (like a taller version of the trampoline airbag mentioned above). This is manned by a staff member, and is opened on a rotating basis during each session.
Lots of plastic balls, foam footballs and such can be found throughout the inflatable section, so there is always plenty to do.

Off of the courses, there is a little cafe, plenty of seating, and my personal favourite – a wall of Slush machines. At £4.95 for a refillable cup, it’s a decent price for unlimited drinks during your session. There are an abundance of flavours, and you can mix and match and refill as much as you desire, making the price well worth it. Alternatively, they do sell individual cups, if you only fancy the one. There is also options for pizza, sandwiches and coffee too, if that is more to your taste.

All in all, Jump Inc is a much welcomed addition to Lincoln. It’s worth remembering that this is a new attraction, and the staff are learning their jobs and positions within the venue. During peak times, there may be a slight queue to enter the building, but remember, each session can hold up to 70 people, so this is to be expected. If you arrive in plenty of time, you’ll get on in good time.
At a decent price point, they have plenty of offers (After School, Holidays, Valentines etc), so check out their social media pages as well as the website to get the best deal.

Will definitely be returning!

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