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GoApe at Sherwood Pines

A fantastic, tree-swingin’ day out for all the family!

We returned to GoApe at Sherwood Pines for a wintery day in December, and had an absolute BLAST! Just as with every other visit, this one did not disappoint, and was much needed after Lockdown 2.0. The day was freezing, but that didn’t matter much, as GoApe is an outdoor activity that gets the heart pumping!

We started off with the Treetop Challenge course around midday and thoroughly enjoyed the experience from beginning to end. The COVID measures by the staff were on point and worked perfectly, and again – the outdoor nature of the venue means that you never really need to get too close to others anyway. The safety briefing felt incredibly safe and well done, and soon enough we were onto the course itself.

The group size had been drastically reduced, meaning that our bubble never really interacted with the handful of others in the session. Plenty of space was given throughout and at no point did we come too close. The beauty of GoApe is that you go at your own speed, and, the way in which the entire site is constructed means you always have space in-between each other in any case.

Since our last visit, the end of the course has received a change, with an additional zip line taking you to the forest floor, which meant we were able to get some crackin’ footage from our GoPro of the pair of us descending! Keep your eyes peeled for this soon!

After a brief snack break – much needed as the temperature was plummeting – we headed off on a Twilight Segway tour through the forest, a rather magical experience. It was just three of us, so we had a little more advanced route – perfectly fine by us! Winding through the trees, over thick roots and branches, we really took on all terrains, but it was so much fun! Doing this in the dark added an extra level of excitement to the experience, something I highly recommend! Seeing the forest (or not, as it’s dark) with only the light on your head, and the twinkling starts above was something else!

As ever, GoApe was a fantastic day out, and one that is perfect during the ongoing Pandemic. As the entire site is outdoors, it makes for a great open-air activity for all the family. Safety is key, and distance is in place by default. 10 our of 10 for COVID security!

A massive thank you to the Media team at GoApe for inviting us down to experience the offerings. Keep an eye out as we visit more GoApe venues across the country this coming summer!

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