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Go Ape! Sherwood Pines – Nets Kingdom

Go Ape! at Sherwood Pines really is an exciting family day out.

I visited the Sherwood Pines location of Go Ape! in July 2018 with my family. We took part in the ‘Nets Kingdom’ activity, which was perfectly suited to the age ranges we had in our party (4, 10 + 2 adults).

Upon arrival at Sherwood Pines, you are greeted by the most wonderful and open forest, a beautiful sight, mostly unspoiled. Go Ape! is an expansive sight within Sherwood Pines, a few minutes walk from the main car park. ‘Nets Kingdom’, our chosen activity, is located past the main ‘Tree Top Adventure’, and you pass directly underneath the ‘Tree Top Junior’ course , designed specifically for the younger members.
My family loved seeing the people up above swinging through the trees and having fun high above, and this really put them in a positive and excitable mood for our upcoming activity!

We approached the booth for ‘Nets Kingdom’ and filled in a brief form relating to the safety and comfort of guests whilst at the activity. We were issued with wristbands, colour coded depending on your input for the activity. I had a wristband that indicated I was responsible for the youngest member of the group, and had to remain with him throughout.

An interactive safety demonstration and talk followed, in which the member of staff outlined the Do’s and Dont’s of the activity, alongside some important rules and tips. He made sure the kids understood the information (asking them to relay it to him for confirmation). Once he was happy, we were free to go!

‘Nets Kingdom’ is split into two areas – the “beginners” and the “main area”. Naturally, with apprehensive members, we headed for the beginners area. The netting to get up to this was not as steep as the main area, so it made for a nice first step / delve into the world of bouncy nets in the trees! The kids LOVED it immediately, and raced to the top, with us adults tailing behind, out of breath! The nets REALLY take it out of you, it’s hard work but incredibly fun!

At the top was a set of large bouncy balls – bigger in height than the average human. We enjoyed bouncing, kicking, throwing, rolling, hiding under, and surfing over these, all the time whilst the nets bounced freely above the wooded area below us. It was a strange thing to be bouncing so high in the trees whilst remaining perfectly safe. Go Ape! have nailed this.

The main course was much more elaborate, with more bouncy balls, bridges that bounced, a tree house, and even slides! These were the main ways down to the ground below, and were super fast! The descent was real fun for all of us, and the kids raced back to the top JUST to slide down again! Hilarious! I got stuck several times, I presume due to my height, but it was really funny to watch!

We had the course to ourselves for the first hour, making for a hugely enjoyable experience. For the second hour, another party joined in the fun, but as the course was so expansive, it was easy to find your own space.

A highlight for me is the sheer size of the place. It’s really, really big! The kids enjoyed running around at the speed of light, whilst the non-participating member of the group sat at one of the many picnic tables below. She managed to get some fantastic photos of us, which offer a unique insight into the activity.

We will definitely be returning to Go Ape! Nets Kingdom very soon, as our family have already asked us to return. All in all, it’s a FANTASTIC two hour experience that all ages can enjoy!

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