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Fin’s Bar & Grill, THORPE PARK Resort, Chertsey

During our recent stay at the Thorpe Shark Hotel, within the THORPE PARK Resort, we enjoyed an evening at Fin’s Bar and Grill, the on site restaurant. We had an absolutely superb time, with everything from the food, to the staff, being nothing short of exemplary.

The restaurant is located within the Dome building, within the park itself. Access during the day is available to any day visitors with a valid entry ticket to THORPE PARK. Each evening, it is open to Hotel guests, until late, and is the primary on site food catering option.
The theming matches the Shark Hotel, as you’d expect from an establishment named “Fin’s”. It’s clean and welcoming, and spacious, unlike some other restaurants such as Nando’s, where the tables are in close proximity to each other. At fin’s, you have ample room, which for me, is a huge plus. Nobody likes having their chair touching the person behind you, during a meal.

The evening menu itself consists of several different mains, including Fish and Chips, Burgers and Steaks, as well as Pizzas and Pasta. There are also a number of Sides and Starters, should these take your fancy. There are a few desserts too, and everything on the menu is reasonably priced, for a Theme Park restaurant.

During the day, the Lunch menu is in operation, and has several different options, which are more suited to the day visitor. It’s unlikely anybody will visit a theme park, and eat a steak for lunch.

On arrival, we were greeted by a kind and polite member of staff, and shown to our table by a true gentleman named Jason. We were seated relatively close to the middle of the restaurant, and could see into the Dome itself. This suited us perfectly. We were handed two menu’s, and Jason headed off to the bar to fulfil other guests orders, and promised to return shortly to take our orders. True to his word, give minutes later, he was by our side, ready to take our orders.

We were not considering a starter, before Jason advised of a good dish – Torpedo Prawns. Starters are not something we usually opt for, but we are so glad we took his word for it, as they were simply divine! The only problem is, we wanted more once they arrived (of course, we didn’t order more, as we wanted to make room for our main course), as they were that tasty!
We also had a side order of Garlic bread, with cheese (again, suggested by Jason), and it was delicious.

Our main order was then taken, and arrived a short time later. We were pleasantly surprised when it arrived without a lengthy wait. By this time, there were a fair few more guests in the restaurant, but the waiting time for food did not reflect this – it was a consistent flow from the kitchen, for all guests. This is a huge plus, as it reflects a good working team behind the scenes.

When the mains arrived, we were truly impressed. I ordered the Chicken Tikka Masala, and my partner ordered the Stealth Burger. For once, I actually had a steaming hot meal – I usually end up with a warm meal at other establishments, so I actually passed comment when it arrived red hot.
I was astounded by the taste, as it was genuinely the best Tikka Masala I have ever had, bar none. It had really big pieces of chicken, in a thick, creamy sauce, with a side of naan and rice. What more could I possibly ask for?!
The Stealth burger was moist and scrumptious, no complaints here either!

Jason came around to ensure our meals were to our complete satisfaction, and we were pleased to confirm they were. He took a second drink order, and I opted for a mixed Slush – something I have not had since childhood. We had a brief moment of discussion, and exchanged jokes, something I think is nice to be able to do with staff. It makes for a much nicer, relaxed environment when the staff are not so rigid and read from a script.

We opted for the Chocolate Brownie desert, and the Pavlova, and we were definitely right to do so. They were BOTH divine, and again, we wanted more, despite them being more than enough on our plates / cups respectively. I guess we are just greedy, with eyes bigger than our stomachs! The tastes in the deserts were unlike anything I have ever tasted, and I’ve eaten at many eateries across the country. To say this is a theme park, they are doing incredibly well within Fin’s. The food is superb!

Overall, we had a really enjoyable evening, with fantastic food, and even better staff. Jason was a true gentleman, with knowledge of the products on offer, and was able to provide personal recommendations. He was polite and courteous throughout, and was always happy to converse. He is a true asset, not only to the Fin’s staff team, but to the larger, Merlin Entertainments team. I have left a STAR award card with direct feedback, and passed on to his managers, so that he will be thanked internally for his hard work.

We also enjoyed the buffet breakfast, which was offered, complimentary to all Thorpe Shark Hotel guests. It was tasty and plentiful, and constantly refreshed throughout the morning. Make sure you observe the traffic light notices, and go during the quieter times to ensure you get seated without a wait!

We will definitely be returning to the restaurant, during the day of our next visit, and evening. We were astounded by the overall feel, theme, menu and staff.

Big thanks to Hayley D for assisting with our Fin’s booking;It’s much appreciated!

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