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Darkfield Radio – Season One

We put in our earphones, and for twenty minutes, were taken out of this world.

Darkfield Radio is about to launch Season Two this July, and in preparation they broadcast all three episodes of Season One once more for anyone that missed it the first time round (like we did). As we immersed ourselves with the broadcasts after the initial launch, we knew that it had received critical acclaim, so we knew we were in for a treat.

Diving straight into Episode 2 (due to missing episode 1 as a result of an internet outage by our ISP), we sat in our living room, facing each other. As the episode began, we closed our eyes and listened intently. Within minutes, I felt shivers, as if I were not alone. Over the next fifteen minutes, this feeling grew within. The way the audio is produced and played is absolutely unnerving and creates a feeling of anticipation that cannot accurately be described. The story, the voices and the sounds, coupled with the lack of visuals (closed eyes or blindfold are recommended) heighten your senses, creating a fantastic – if a little creepy – experience.

Episode 3 was a solo piece, taking me to the comforts of my bed. I settled down, only to find this episode much more thrilling than the second. Much in the same style, I actually felt anxious around the middle of the broadcast though kept myself a part of the show. Perhaps the story of this one and the extra noises that I could not identify (as my eyes were again closed) caused me confusion as I could not identify if the audio was part of the broadcast or part of the real world

Accurately describing just how fantastic these broadcasts are is a difficult task. I am a huge fan of immersive theatre, but have never experienced a play-at-home digital show like this, especially one that relies only on audio. The sound acting and audio throughout, as well as the production value is very noticeable and comes together to create a Season of immensely immersive episodes that are sure to make you feel anything but alone.

Season Two of Darkfield Radio launches on the 25th June in the UK, and has three Episodes. We’ll be diving into them in a couple of weeks, alongside an interview with the creators behind the production. Full info can be found over on the website by clicking here.

Season One of Darkfield Radio was kindly provided free of charge for us to review. This does not influence our review and all opinions are our own.

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