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CW Solo’s go to THORPE PARK

CW Solo’s (The Unofficial Whatsapp group) are visiting THORPE PARK RESORT this summer! With the Governments “Roadmap out of Lockdown”, the next few months are looking decidedly more hopeful for a great summer ahead.

Message Thomas Tee on Facebook if you’re interested in joining.


Tuesday 1st June 2021

Opening Times:

10am – 18:00 (09:30 for Passholders & their guests – see below)


By Car -> Easy access from all areas of the country. Parking on site is £7 if paid for in advance (click here), or £8 if you pay on the day.

By Train -> Direct trains from Waterloo to Staines costs around £9.30 and takes 30-50 minutes.

By Bus -> A shuttle bus runs from Staines to THORPE PARK RESORT, every 15-20 minutes.

Full travel can be found on the official website.

Entry Tickets:

As a Premium Merlin Annual Passholder, I have a bunch of “Bring a Friend for “15” vouchers to use. However, only three can be used per Passholder. This means that six people from the group can gain entry for just £15 as there will be two Passholders present.

The remaining tickets can be purchased via the Merlin Annual Pass Friends and Family discount, at a cost of £27.50 (50% off), up to a maximum of 10 tickets.

If we exceed 16 tickets (see above), several members have access to the Blue Light Card & discounts, so there are some additional discounts available.

We need to get a plan in place ASAP as the park is running at 50% capacity for all days in the near future as a result of COVID-19. This means the demand is higher and tickets will sell out if we don’t get booked in. Whilst it is during a “school holiday”, most days this summer will reach the 50% capacity so it makes little difference to the queue lengths.

How to Buy:

Once we have confirmed that the date works for as many people as possible, the discounted tickets will be available on a First Come First Served basis, in the following order: (if struck out, they are no longer available at that price):

Person 1 > £15 “Share the Fun” ticket

Person 2 > £15 “Share the Fun” ticket

Person 3 > £15 “Share the Fun” ticket

Person 4 > £15 “Share the Fun” ticket

Person 5 > £15 “Share the Fun” ticket

Person 6 > £15 “Share the Fun” ticket

Person 7 > £27.50 “Friends and Family” ticket

Person 8 > £27.50 “Friends and Family” ticket

Person 9 > £27.50 “Friends and Family” ticket

Person 10 > £27.50 “Friends and Family” ticket

Person 11 > £27.50 “Friends and Family” ticket

Person 12 > £27.50 “Friends and Family” ticket

Person 13 > £27.50 “Friends and Family” ticket

Person 14 > £27.50 “Friends and Family” ticket

Person 15 > £27.50 “Friends and Family” ticket

Person 16 > £27.50 “Friends and Family” ticket

Person 17 > £27.50 “Friends and Family” ticket

Everyone is Welcome:

It’d be great to see as many people from the group as possible. Understandably, not everyone will be able to attend on the date, but there is always room for more later in the year!

The COVID rules at the date above will mean that groups can meet to a maximum of 30 people in public. Full info can be found here. As ever, this can change at a moments notice, so it’s something to keep an eye on.

So, that’s the information, ticket prices, location, travel and more. I’ve put this info together and offered my heavily discounted tickets to group members, but I am doing this as a member of the group, and not in any “official” capacity. Now it’s time to decide if the date works and get it booked in before they sell out!

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