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My Little Voyage

Eurovision Song Contest Party


Saturday 22nd May 2021 - 19:00 - Late.


Zoom! As this is remote, it'd be great if you jazzed up your background with Balloons, banners, flags, festoons, lights, glitter, tinsel and anything else that screams Euro trash!

Dress Code:

Eurovision finest, eclectic, elegant, outrageous - it's completely down to you! Just make sure that you look amazing in whatever you decide to wear, and give it your all!

What to Expect:

Eurovison Parties are ALL about having a good time, and this is no exception! Each participant will be randomly assigned a Country a week before the event (likely more than one depending on numbers), and that is who you'll be representing on the night. As the competition goes on, there will be drinking games and tomfoolery aplenty.

When it comes to the judging stage, it's all about YOUR country. Every time you score points, you drink. Your country makes an obvious biased vote, you drink. I'm sure you get the picture...

Full Points and Rules etc will be posted here ahead of the event!

Count me In!

Fab, it's great to have you! Fill in the form below and you'll receive your Country at random a week before the night! You then have plenty of time to grab some flags, perfect your costume and fill your cupboards with gin! You can also join us on the WhatsApp group by clicking here, to discuss this event!

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