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Boomtown Fair

Boomtown 2019 – Accommodation Options

Boomtown 2019 has a plethora of Accommodation options for 2019. Let’s take a look at what’s on offer.

Unlike most festivals in the UK, Boomtown offers a multitude of accommodation options to suit every festival goer. Ranging from the standard festival grass camping, to a full sized Airstream Deluxe. How fabulous!

We LOVE staying in hotels and exploring new places, so we’ll definitely try and get some inside reviews for this once the festival gets underway!

Public Camping

Entry to Boomtown Fair includes access to any of the public campsites, free of charge. Simply choose the site you wish to camp on, and pitch up. Just make sure to stay inside the perimeter, and out of the fire lanes!

Boomtown Springs

Step into an utopia in surburbia, where nothing is quite as it seems. Further your festival experience in a sideline addition to the main festival story by way of roaming characters and special private events for residents only. Boomtown Springs is an idyllic world set against the less-than-polished districts.

You can choose from quite a few options within Boomtown Springs, each set at a different price range.

Bring Your Own Tent

Price: £0.00 (Included in the price of Boomtown Springs)

Minimal Fuss Bell Tent

Price: £345 (4 person) / £390 (6 person)

Comfort Bell Tent

Price: £475 (2 person) / £580 (4 person)

Deluxe Airstreams

Price: £3310 (Deluxe) / £3625 (X Deluxe)

Bedouin Tents

Price: £1025 (2 person) / £1260 (4 person)

Indian Shikar

Price: £1575 (2 person) / £1815 (4 person)


Price: £1655 (2 person)

Camp Skylark

A brilliant option full of pre-pitched accommodation. No need to drag a tent from your car across the festival site, as your home for the weekend is waiting for you (unless you choose the “Bring Your Own Tent” option). With a central chill out area, flushing toilets and posh showers, this is glaming done right.

Bring Your Own Tent

Price: £50 (per person)

Minimal Fuss Bell Tent

Price: £345 (4 person) / £390 (6 person)

Comfort Bell Tent

Price: £475 (2 person) / £580 (4 person)

Bedouin Tent

Price: £1025 (2 person) / £1260 (4 person)


Price: £1655 (sleeps 2)

Indian Shikar

Price: 1575 (sleeps 2) / £1815 (sleeps 4)


Price: £630 (6-8 people)

Snug Yurts

Price: £630 (2 person)

Comfort Yurts

Price: £840 (2-3 person)

Min Fuss Large Yerts

Price: £715 (4 person) / £840 (6 person)


Price: £505 (2 person)

Deluxe Airstream

Price: £3310 (Deluxe) / £3625 (X Deluxe)

Gypsy Bowtop Wagons

Price: £1100 (4 person)

Luxury Tipi Tent

Price: £405 (3 person) / £555 (5 person)


Price: £945 (4 person)

Tangerine Fields

A festival staple when it comes to pre-pitched tents, Tangerine Fields offer a huge choice when it comes to tent sizes. Check out the full options over on the official ticket page by clicking here.


A wonderful, totally sustainable pre-pitched option at Boomtown, Camplight offer a range of tents, ready pitched in all sizes. Check out the official Boomtown ticket page for more info by clicking here.

Tipi Town

A new addition for 2019 (Ch.11), Tipi Town is on the west side of the festival, perfect for those coming via public transport. Check out the info on the official Boomtown ticket page by clicking here.

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