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I’m 28, based in the East Midlands. I frequently visit Theme Parks, alongside other tourist attractions ranging from Aquariums, Piers, Cinemas, Crazy Golf, Theatre & everything inbetween! I love to explore new places, and find those attractions that are not always on the tourist trail.

I LOVE visiting and exploring London, as each and every time we do so, I find things we never knew existed. I like to stroll and wander, and seeing where the ever-growing city takes me. The best things to do in London are those that very few people know about.

I have been a member of TripAdvisor for a lengthy period of time to date. I am proud to be in the top 1% of all members on the website, meaning my reviews are often weighted (shown at the top) on various attractions. With over 200+ reviews to date, and a growing and increasing readership of 165,000+ people, I am always happy to continue to contribute to my portfolio with in depth and knowledgeable reviews, in order to assist prospective visitors plan their trips and visits.

I am now invited to various attractions and asked for my feedback, as a respected member of the community. This allows me to expand my portfolio, as well as increase my knowledge in the Entertainments & Leisure industry, which I will use to further my career.

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Why I love what I do

Working with brands to create bespoke Marketing pieces is exciting and rewarding when I get to see my creations in use and viewed by thousands. The sense of achievement is what keeps me completely hooked and being able to have a positive influence on people and their trips is why I do this. Being able to advise based on first-hand experience is key and something I strive to do, and have done so for 8+ years.

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